Algae Eating Fish Species of Freshwater Aquarium Habitats

It’s important to have all realms of an actual ecosystem in your aquarium for it to maintain itself best. Algae eating fish (or algae eaters) are an important aspect to keeping down algae population. It’s important to choose the right species for your tank because some fish will actually create more waste than before not having any bottom dweller.

algae fish

Quick personal story, years ago I decided that I wanted a bottom feeder for my 30 gallon aquarium. I had a basic South American Cichlid tank that I thought needed a bottom algae feeder. My local pet store told me a “Pleco catfish” would do the trick. One year later, that catfish is 9 inches long and gives off more waste than any other fish in the tank. Not the most ideal fish for my small 30 gallon aquarium..

This incident has driven me to create the ultimate guide to finding the best bottom feeder or algae consuming species for your tank setup. Be aware that this is a hard guide to write because every fish aquarium is unique and different in many different ways.

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